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Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 1 April 2008

Capsule Review:    

Children are forever drawing something. For the longest time, my son had an infatuation with spiders. He would draw black spiders, red spiders, yellow spiders, hairy spiders, big spiders, little spiders, and even spiders with more than eight legs (no, I don't let him watch freaky science fiction horror films - thanks for asking). In Japan, one little boy loves to draw a very simple monster that he calls Gabadon. It is nothing more than a vague 2D outline with legs, an eye, and a mouth.

Gabadon might be cute, as children-invented monsters go, but he turns into a menace when mysterious cosmic rays bombard the Earth. Mixed with sunlight, the rays cause the drawing to come to life! The creature waddles through the city, groaning and squeaking like some sort of huge canine chew toy. I'm not kidding, the monster looks like a lump of foam and latex, and it squeaks when it walks. Little Andy (my son) thought Gabadon was hilarious. He nearly fell off the couch laughing. I just shook my head and reminded myself that I used to be that young, and stupid things made me laugh back then, too (I still think that "The Three Stooges" are funny).

The Science Patrol engages the monster, but they are bewildered by its behavior. Gabadon disappears at sunset and reappears in the morning looking more like a real creature (the children add details to the drawing at night). As kaiju go, the monster is fairly docile; it wants to sleep all day. Ide makes two terrific suggestions that are shot down by the rest of the Science Patrol. At first, he tells the others to let Gabadon sleep; shooting at the monster just gets it angry. Who wouldn't be grumpy after being woken up by tanks shooting at them? Then, after the team discovers that the monster is actually a drawing that comes to life when the sunlight hits it, Ide proposes waiting until sundown and erasing the drawing.

Ide usually annoys me, but he is spot on. It is a low point for the Science Patrol that they insist on attacking Gabadon. Eventually, because he falls into a river and is about to drown, Hayata transforms into Ultraman. Ultraman appearing, then just wandering off while a monster is afoot would look funny, so the towering silver protector engages Gabadon. In an effort to keep Ultraman from being the bad guy, he does not kill Gabadon in front of the children. Instead, Ultraman carries the groaning monster into outer space and turns it into a constellation.

Gee, that's much better. Never mind the fact that I am sure Gabadon froze to death in outer space, and the "stars" that make up the constellation are actually chunks of monster in orbit that reflect light because they are covered with ice.

Things I Learned From This Show:  

Green Dot Sidewalk chalk + unusual sunspot activity + young artists = the annihilation of Mankind.
Green Dot People are always looking for reasons to not come to work.
Green Dot Under the right circumstances, justifying the use of a water cannon against a playground filled with happy children is pretty easy.

Stuff To Watch For:  

Green Dot 4 mins - No, it's a prehistoric shmoo.
Green Dot 7 mins - The government hates it. That thing is definitely a huge shmoo.
Green Dot 10 mins - "Hey, it looks a lot darker over there."
Green Dot 23 mins - Are the kids sitting in a hamster cemetery?

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Ultraman: The Space Ray of Terror
Reply #1. Posted on April 03, 2008, 09:03:46 PM by Xenorama
not one of my favorite episodes, but it's kind of a touching one now that i watch it as an adult.  how often did you want one of your drawings to come to life as a kid?

it's popular now to look at Ultraman as the "bad guy" these days, since he usually was stopping a monster from destroying things, instead of realizing this is a forty year old show and monsters were not thought of "unstoppable forces of nature" or something.

Re: Ultraman: The Space Ray of Terror
Reply #2. Posted on April 05, 2008, 12:37:04 AM by Giant Claw Jr
Re: Ultraman: The Space Ray of Terror
Reply #3. Posted on April 05, 2008, 09:39:36 AM by Flangepart
Does the science patrol get extra funding for using up old ammo? Add the macho element and you have loooooots of urban destruction.
Re: Ultraman: The Space Ray of Terror
Reply #4. Posted on March 30, 2009, 06:45:04 PM by George
What happens when kids in Japan draw pictures of monsters on a piece of junkyard pipe when the earth is being bombarded by cosmic space rays?----,The drawing turns into The Real Thing!,--and I don't mean Coke-a-Cola!.

The kids name it Gabadon,it's first appearance is white,kind of like an amphibious Moby Dick.

Since all it wants to do is sleep,Ide says leave it alone,but our captain says it's the patrols duty to fight all monsters.So they and the army do,annoyed Gabadon moves on then dissappears after sundown.

After studying the situation,the patrol realizes it came to life because of the space rays.So Ide says just erase the drawing,they do,but the kids come back.

This time they decide to make it the thing lively and colorful,I guess they want the monster to destroy there homeland,this time the creature is more aggressive,the kids cheer it on ward towards Tokyo!,I don't know I suppose you just had to be there.

Hayata tells the kids to get out of the way!,they won't,let the monster live,and Japan be destroyed?!,---seems like it.

Hayata falls into the river,the kids & Gabadon----Cheer?!,go figure.
While being swept away the beta capsule appears above water and Hayata becomes Ultraman.

The monster's mad,they have a fight,the kids beg Ultraman not to destroy Gabadon,(our hero Ultraman?),so he takes it up up and away!.

Later that night the kids are sad,they miss there Gabadon,then Ultraman appears in the sky and tells them not to cry,they can see Gabadon in the every year at this same time,then for a brief minute they see star Gabadon,but until the mystery of the cosmic space rays are fully known,The Science Patrol will have to keep a careful watch on all monsters drawn by children.
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