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Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 11 December 2007

Capsule Review:    

The Dungeon Master directs the kids to a town on the far horizon. Long ago, the town was cursed by Vengar and attacked by a swarm of dragons. It was the powerful magic of Merlin the Magician that finally drove off the monsters and saved the town. Dungeon Master also warns the party that Vengar will appear in disguise, but they can recognize the evil master by his white hair. Notice that the legendary wizard is a counterpoint to Presto. The teen's spells often backfire, including an attempt to summon magic burgers that results in a loudly mooing cow. Well, at least the vocal bovine is not dangerous, unlike many of Presto's other flubs (unless it is a Mad Cow).

Wait a minute. Isn't the AD&D food of choice pizza?

The party unexpectedly discovers Merlin's castle in the clouds and meets the old wizard. At first, the kids believe that Merlin must be Vengar, because he has white hair. The magician removes his hat, revealing that he is bald on top. Before they can start laughing about Merlin's toupee, Tiamat breaks into the castle; the kids lock her in the basement. During the short battle, Presto summons a purple rug and the display of magical prowess impresses Merlin. He asks the bumbling boy wizard to become his apprentice. Diminished by one and saddened that their constant teasing alienated their friend, the rest of the party continues on their way.

As everyone guessed, Merlin is Vengar in disguise. The baneful lord tricks Presto into undoing Merlin's spell and releasing the dragons once more. Alerted to the fact that something is wrong, because the townsfolk tell them that Merlin died centuries ago, Hank and the others race back to save Presto.

The adventurers' failure to see through Vengar's disguise is hard to accept. So what if Merlin is wearing a toupee? He still has a white beard and, even more suspicious, he is carrying a "white hare" that the kids misidentify as a rabbit. Merlin says, "Oh no, it is not a rabbit. It is a hare, a white hare." They should have realized the ruse right then! It is not as if they were reading the words.

Things I Learned From This Show:  

Green Dot Never practice yodeling outside of a dragon's bedroom.
Green Dot Merlin was the original owner of the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Green Dot The rare, fire-breathing wyvern is often mistaken for a true dragon.

Stuff To Watch For:  

Green Dot 6 mins - It's your own fault for not having ancestors with hands.
Green Dot 11 mins - He conjured a purple rug, and not the kind of rug that you need.
Green Dot 13 mins - Hey, that looks like an Ansalon potluck!

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1]
Re: Dungeon & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow (Capsule Review)
Reply #1. Posted on December 12, 2007, 05:04:31 PM by akiratubo
"He sure looked like Merlin, standing there stroking his white rabbit."
Re: Dungeon & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow (Capsule Review)
Reply #2. Posted on December 12, 2007, 09:58:06 PM by ravenguard
This grabass show did more damage to D&D than any Satan-worshipping, baby-sacrificing group of jackass teens could ever do.  I mean, some kid pulling s**t out of his big wizard's hat...OUT OF HIS HAT!  Good Christ...every week I waited for Demogorgon or Orcus to show up and eat these little f**kers' souls, but all they had was Tiamat after she spent way too long smoking dragon weed.
Re: Dungeon & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow (Capsule Review)
Reply #3. Posted on December 13, 2007, 07:33:25 PM by John Dashwood
Ahh the D&D cartoon! I use to wait all week for it.  Thumbup  That and the Wizards and Warriors TV show.   Cheers They should really do an up dated remake. Something on par with gore and violence one sees in Japanimation.
Re: Dungeon & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow (Capsule Review)
Reply #4. Posted on December 14, 2007, 07:36:51 PM by Justy
Tiamat never got any freaking respect in that show. She was the ruler of the first level of Hell. I loved the show when it first came out. I still like it in a campy sense. Yes, it's horrid at times. Bobby and Uni need to die an excruciating painful death. Believe it or not I actually chatted briefly with Gygax about the show many moons ago. He was disappointed and sorry about the show, but the network was a pain in the butt to deal with. There was no way that they would allow a real portrayal of D&D. Today, an honest animated show would be awesome. By honest I mean, a real campaign storyline, real characters based on the rules, aimed at gamers, not kids, no dumbing down.
Re: Dungeon & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow (Capsule Review)
Reply #5. Posted on December 15, 2007, 01:20:20 PM by Greenhornet
I used to watch this and I still DON'T know why! Question
The best character was the paladin/knight kid who was supposed to be the a**hole of the group, he showed more common sense than all of the others. Once he wrote down "Dungeon Master's" stupid riddle and another time told the little Yoda wanna-be to QUIT SCREWING AROUND AND GIVE THEM SOME STRAIGHT TALK! Hatred My favorite scene was when they made it back to the "real" world and Venger followed them; Sir What's-His-Name ran to a phone and announced he was going to call in a SWAT team! Venger would have crapped his pants once the AR15s opened up. BounceGiggle
It would be interesting to give the old cartoon a game-based twist by people who would have taken it seriously.
Pages: [1]

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