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Rated PG
Copyright 1967 Shochiku Films
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Captain Sano - Dashing, confident, and entirely confused by women, that's our mission commander.
  • Lisa - Female biologist who is gunning hard for Sano's attention. Tends to display demure smiles with little provocation.
  • Dr. Kato - Supposedly the mission's medical expert even though he succumbs to something very similar to food poisoning early on. Does not die, but it's hard to be an effective character when the part involves sweating and nausea.
  • Miyamoto - Here is the cheerful oaf we all knew would be part of the crew. On a more interesting note, three male friends wave good bye upon his departure from the moon base.
  • Michiko - Sano's girlfriend, she spends about half the film in a jealous (and foul tempered) stew.
  • Dr. Stein - Forced to take Dr. Kato's place and we are constantly reminded that he would rather be home with his wife. Considering his looks I do not imagine his wife being the "lights on" kind.
  • Dr. Berman - German scientist who is in charge of something or another important.
  • The UFP - Which stands for "Unidentified Flying Pie." This extraterrestrial spacecraft looks just like a snack pie, except very few of those fly around Mars and menace exploring spacecraft.
  • Guilala - Space poultry! Though the monster might be only vaguely fowl in shape (it also shares some attributes with a gravy server) I cannot help making the comparison. Which came first, the chicken or the weird green spore?

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The Plot: 

We start with the planning session of the FAFC's (don't ask me what it stands for, I've watched the film multiple times and haven't a clue) when a couple of startling facts surface. The one which really slaps me in the face is that this is not the first mission to Mars and all previous attempts met with failure when a mysterious UFP appeared. So, the briefing is pretty much, "Everyone else we sent has died and we do not know why, but third time is a charm right?" Sounds fantastic guys, where is the door? Think I left the iron on... home... Canada.

Things fall into place and the rocket does launch, revealing itself to be shaped like something usually covered with slogans for beer and speeding across lakes. All those aerodynamics are of little use when a meteor storm crosses their path and one stray piece of rock punches a hole in the side.

Miyamoto comes to the rescue as he heroically seals the hole with his backside. Imagine something like the little Dutch boy and his leaky dike, except slightly embarrassing. He does not have a girlfriend, which is fortunate since explaining a dinner plate sized hickey on your ass might be dicey at best.

Eventually the astronauts do approach Mars and encounter the UFP. After menacing the tourists, as all unsaturated fats are liable to do, it sprays their ship with glowing spores then departs. The overworked cast keeps one such spore for examination on Earth and heads home.

Back in the lab things soon go wrong as the outer covering splits and something escapes. By something I mean Guilala of course, the strange creature (it's shaped sort of like Oprah Winfrey during a bad month) feeds on any sort of energy it encounters during a march across the countryside.

Of course the military attempts to stop the creature, of course we see fighter planes strafing with rockets during this melee, and (of course) they are ineffective until a goofy super-weapon is developed later on. On at least three separate occasions one of the jet jockeys has his craft low enough for Guilala to make physical contact with it, including one fool who runs smack dab into Guilala's forehead! You absolutely have to be kidding me, presumably the pilot had a driver's license as well, no wonder the roads are not safe. About that super weapon I mentioned: it does the trick in stopping the monster while suspiciously reminding me of shaving cream.

The poor vision afforded to the wearer of this particular rubber suit is painfully apparent in a couple of scenes. Notice how Guilala's head is tilted back while stumbling across the set. I imagine the actor was desperately peering around in an attempt to figure out what was going on. Good luck buddy, I have the benefits of perfect vision plus third person perspective and haven't a clue, but it is still plenty of fun.

A big thanks to Chris Brown, he pointed out that at one point you can see a sign. It plainly says "Fuji Astro-Flying Center." FAFC!


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Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Nuclear fuel is transported in old station wagons.
  • Cotton candy machines can be filled with glitter and used to detect radiation.
  • The United Space Authority had a contract with Lawrence Welk to provide radio entertainment.
  • Artificial water is inferior to "real" water. It's those cheap Hydrogen atoms they use...
  • If the hull of your rocket is punctured by a meteor then it can be sealed by sitting on the hole.
  • Tanks are not equipped with a reverse gear.
  • Astronauts wear business attire under their spacesuits.
  • Japanese military crisis centers have little boxes full of monster silhouettes to use on the status board.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 1 min - If there is such a thing as Japanese polka music then this is it.
  • 11 mins - Pretty foggy outside, is this outer space or Maine?
  • 22 mins - Airtight gloves that you can just pull off! Hehehe!
  • 26 mins - Two women, in the shower, on the moon... ...okay, if they would only start jumping. I promise to be good for the next five years if they just start jumping - please. Please? PLEASE?
  • 31 mins - Of all the idiotic decompression scenes. Stuff is blowing in the hole for crying out loud!
  • 47 mins - Satan's prize rooster is loose!
  • 56 mins - Deja' Vu.
  • 70 mins - The UFP was flying circles around their ship, how did they escape?
  • 78 mins - Obviously Steven Spielberg watched this movie at some point before making "Jurassic Park."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note xouterspace1.wav Miyamoto: "Nothing beats a good hot bath! How did they know where to drill for water on the moon captain?"
Sano: "This isn't water, it's man made."
Miyamoto: "What's the difference?"
Sano: "Quite a bit."
Green Music Note xouterspace2.wav Official: "Doctor, whatever made those tracks is clearly bound for Tokyo."
Official 2: "Tokyo has to be saved!"
Green Music Note xouterspace3.wav Scientist: "AAB-Gamma, the monster Guilala is still loose. Your cargo is our last hope. Get that Guilalanium back to us at all costs!"
Sano: "Roger."
Green Music Note xouterspace4.wav Scientist: "Guilala wants that nuclear fuel."
Miyamoto: "It will be the most powerful meal he's had yet."
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipxouterspace1.mpg - 2.6m
Darn low flying planes...

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1] 2 3 4
The X from Outer Space
Reply #1. Posted on August 22, 2000, 02:29:15 PM by Scott T.
   Can you believe this movie is actually stocked at a chain video store?  I rented this (and I don't know why) at Hollywood video a few summers ago.  This was the most boring movie I have ever seen.  I started yawning 8 minutes or so into the movie.  At first, I guessed that it would improve after the rubber monster showed up.  Not at all.  This is incredibly hard to watch, simply due to the intense feeling of listlessness through viewing the film.  If this film was translated into music, it would be the slowest piece of music ever written.  On the topic of music, though, the pure snazz involved in the soundtrack at least provided a few chuckles.  That wasn't any great equalizer, though.  Stay away at all costs.
The X from Outer Space
Reply #2. Posted on August 31, 2000, 07:41:43 PM by Chris K.
I loved THE X FROM OUTER SPACE. What can I say? When I love Japanese monster films with fantastic special effects that look more convincing that that crapy CGI junk that looks so fake a five year old cand do that stuff, THE X FROM OUTER SPACE is one of those films. Yes, it takes a while to get somewhere. But the effects were worth it. I was dissapointed that THE X FROM OUTER SPACE was issued directly to American Internationl Pictures-TV (AIP-TV) because the panning and scanning was just God awful. But still, it was a good film but the title really throws you off. The monster is called Gulila, it is not called X. It doesn't even look like an X. But when a film is made and needs distribution it has to have a catchy title. A four star movie right here, but it goes down to three due to the bad dubbing. But it goes right back to four due to the great specail effects. The Japanese are the masters at that knid of stuuf. The company that made this film which was Shockuku Films, Inc. also made the equally scary BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL (1968; aka GOKE) so seek that one out too.
The X from Outer Space
Reply #3. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Heinie Bowe
Oh this one is a SCREAM--where do I begin? The Jeepchase from hell? Truck carrying wagonload of Goo doing 80 chased by the ravenous X-shuffleshuffleshuffle, HAND, shuffle shuffle shuffle HAND, etc.  

Or the great demo of low gravity on the moon-they take two guys in really BAD tinfoil space suits, stick them onto a trampoline hidden behind a 'crater' and have them boink up and down a few times...oh my god what a riot....

Then there are the little toy tanks that DON'T MOVE, the toy planes....the changing of scale-See X tip over Oil Tanker. See X whap at a plane that is THE SAME SIZE as the Tanker.

See the Pie from Mars flying round the ship. See the goo on the ship.

See the big Chicken track in the lab and dirt. See X up on the mountain.

See the X's fingers bend all the way back when it slaps the side of the mountain--gee ya think the stunt guy's fingers were in there? Nahhhhhh

Gotta love the Hugh Hefner(TM!) style spacestation on the Moon...the whacky line by the blonde at the end--'Guilala taught me how to love bravely-sniff! sniff!' etc.

Yeah really bogus, loopy, Kookoo, what have ya.

Gotta love it--*** outta ****, good fun if you like a movie that is SCREAMING for MsTK3 to be brought back...

The X from Outer Space
Reply #4. Posted on October 03, 2000, 04:56:50 PM by Chris K.
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is one of the worst shows ever made. And if THE X FROM OUTER SPACE played on that show, it is just an insult to the movie itself. MSTK3 really needs to be taken off the air. How dumb can that show get!
The X from Outer Space
Reply #5. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Megaloman
I love this movie, and have since I saw it many years ago.  The monster is so preposterous looking how can you not love it?  The movie isn't really very standard until Guilala shows up- it's more space opera than monster movie.
All you need is some controlling aliens and some ray fights and this movie would be perfect.
And I have to agree about the talking vacuum cleaner show!
The X from Outer Space
Reply #6. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Matt
I have yet to see anyone else mention one of the most peculiar things about this movie... How many of you noticed that the Caucasions are speaking ENGLISH, and the Japanese are speaking Japanese, yet both are overdubbed? (How do you know your queue, when you can't understand the other person? Tone inflections, I suppose.) I've never seen this in any other movie.  But don't get me wrong, I loved this movie as a kid, and I love it now... not because of how good it is, but because how bad it is. Analyzing this enjoyable movie for imperfections, mistakes, and holes in time is as much fun as the go-go music that plays throughout. And by the way, F.A.F.C. stands for Fuji Astro-Flying Center... it's on the big sign above the Center door at the beginning of the movie. Every time I watch this movie, I pick out something new.  You will, too!  Enjoy!
The X from Outer Space
Reply #7. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by Matt
Speaking of dubbing, check THIS out...

While in the space ship en-route to Mars, Dr. Stein is complaining to Lisa about the food.  His dubbed dialoge says, "When meals become a trial, rather than a pleasure, it IS a crime. If Dr. Kiawana hadn't been taken ill, I would be back on Earth with my wife, and not eating garbage unfit for humans."

But what he is ACTUALLY saying is, "...If Dr. Kiawani hadn't been taken ill, I would be back on Earth with my wife, and dining on my fat-free food!"

No kidding... READ HIS LIPS! If the makers of this movie only knew that VCR's were on the horizon!

Later on the trip, Dr. Stein exclaims, "Looks like I'll be able to keep that date with my wife after all!"  Then Miyamoto replies (and we all KNOW about Miyamoto), "I'm looking forward to eating REAL food!"

Maybe this movie should be rated R for subliminal content.  What could be more fun than this?
The X from Outer Space
Reply #8. Posted on March 02, 2001, 07:51:22 PM by Mecha-Godzilla
I love that theme music.  So this is what you get when you hire a mariacha band to do the sound track for a japanese sci-fi flick.
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