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Rated R
Copyright 1984 Radioactive Dreams Productions Inc.
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Phillip - John Stockwell! Somber young man, he's the strong silent type unless a violent hippie bites him.
  • Marlowe - Michael Dudikoff! Phillip's goofy younger brother who just wants to be a dancing dick. (Not the sort of thing you tell people these days.)
  • Rusty - Like, way cool girl man, she's basically a flower child. Falls for Phillip.
  • Spade and Dash - George Kennedy! (And, um, some other guy.) Two men who saved Phillip and Marlowe's lives years ago by whisking them into the bomb shelter, now powerful warlords. Taken out by a small army of Miles' soldiers.
  • Disco Mutants - These kids are CRAZED, a pair of young boys dressed in leisure suits who have perfected language based on the word f**k. Eaten by a huge rodent.
  • Stern - Cannibal hippie leader, stuck like a pig by Rusty.
  • Miles - Evil bitch who wants to rule the post nuclear war world. Marlowe gives her a quick lesson in automatic weapons.

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The Plot: 

Mutants, George Kennedy, and Rock n Roll, this film has it all. Even action star Michael Dudikoff (oh get up and stop laughing) playing the role of a cheery teenager who wants to be a footloose detective.

Only one thing can explain such a turn of events, nuclear war! Nostradamus was off by about four years it seems, in 1996 the U.S. and Russia finally had it out. Two kids are playing near a bomb shelter when the blast happens, fortunately two men grab both and run inside. Abandoned and sealed into the shelter while still young the two grow into strapping lads, bad thing is the only books to read were 1940's detective books (hence their names). Needless to say, the pair are not well adapted to what society is after Armageddon. Hippie's, Disco, and even George Kennedy are back - it's truly hell on Earth.

One fortunate thing does happen, Miles stumbles across their path and while catching a ride manages to lose her keys. Special keys she stole from Spade and Dash, the launch keys to an unused ballistic missile. Once the gang leaders of Edge City find out the duo has them it's nonstop trouble, even Rusty betrays Phillip.

Toughened up by a crash course in the school of hard knocks, the pair are almost ready to take on the world. Well, an old warehouse full of mutants at least. Just when you think they've bitten off more than they can chew two of the most powerful warlords rip off their lizard masks. That's right, it's George Kennedy and pal, turning the tables on Miles' pack of dirty rats. Phil and Marlowe's old pops have these guns, the settings are safe, fire, and blow everything to hell. I want one.

If that climatic battle isn't enough, the movie finishes out with a dance number as the young detectives cut a rug. I'll admit, this is one of my guilty pleasures, amazingly bad, but between watching Michael Dudikoff dance and the "Pimps of Doom" it's worth a little pain.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • In 1996 they didn't have color film.
  • Reading a book on barbering does not make one a barber.
  • Cars left untouched for fifteen years will start right up.
  • "The finger" is not a good pickup line.
  • Never let a strange hippie girl put manacles on you.
  • Given time a writer can come up with a theme song for anything.
  • Women: If clothed in a flowing white dress you look slightly out of place carrying a submachine gun.
  • Wearing flashing lights on your otherwise stealthy body armor is not advised.
  • George Kennedy is a post nuclear war mutant...

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 2 mins - George Kennedy! Help!
  • 12 mins - These two really need to stop referring to themselves as "dicks."
  • 17 mins - Say, wouldn't those rounds have to travel through Marlowe to hit there?
  • 28 mins - You're going to get your butt kicked.
  • 37 mins - Rowl! (You'll have to watch the scene.)
  • 54 mins - It's a female Elvis!
  • 61 mins - They have more mutants than you have bullets my friends...
  • 63 mins - Ladies and gentlemen, the Untouchables.
  • 73 mins - Ouch! (Big guns make big holes in people.)


  • Miles: "I'm going to blow your head off unless I get those keys."
    Marlowe: "So what does this mean, Miles? You don't love me no more?"
  • Phillip: "In a tight jam a nuclear missile just might come in handy."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note radiodreams1.wav Marlowe: "So, how do I look, pop? Ah, you look swell, son. Yeah you're one tough dick; you're one slick dick! Well gee, thanks, pop!" (He's talking to himself in the mirror.)
Green Music Note radiodreams2.wav Phillip: "Would you stop calling them our pops, please Marlowe? They locked us up in that bomb shelter cause they never intended us ever getting out, ever!"
Green Music Note radiodreams3.wav One of the Disco Mutants demonstrates his mastery of F**kingese.
Green Music Note radiodreams4.wav Phillip: "Well why can't you be out at night?"
Rusty: "Because man the radiation made some pretty freaky looking creatures that like to roam around at night."
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipradiodreams1.mpg - 3.1m
Michael Dudikoff watching George Kennedy kicking ass! Only in America and only after a nuclear war my friends.

I still want one of those guns...

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1] 2
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #1. Posted on November 18, 1999, 01:45:52 PM by Warren H.
This movie SUCKS!  Albert Pyun actually came up with a great concept and decent screenplay, and then screwed it all to hell when he picked himself to direct it.  Albert Pyun is a terrible director!  This movie really needed a Richard Donner (Goonies) or perhaps even a Jean-Pierre Junet (City of Lost Children) at the helm.  Cripes, even Roger Corman could've made a better movie of this.
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #2. Posted on November 29, 1999, 12:27:56 PM by Anon E. Maus
Yeah, this flick needs a different director.  I'd pick Robert Zemekis of Back to the Future, Contact, and Forest Gump.  Peter Jackson would have been great to.  But the F*cking-ese speaking kids were funny.
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #3. Posted on December 01, 1999, 03:00:39 AM by James
Well, I can't say how good or bad this is, as I've never seen all of it (bits and pieces several times).  But anyways, Jean-Pierre Junet sucks at directing action scenes.  Richard Donner has some skill at it, but Albert Pyun is far and away the best American direct-to-video director there is. Of course, his movies are not up to my Hong Kong standard of quality (incidentally, most American direct-to-video releases are budgeted around the same as a big budget Hong Kong one).  Still, that's just about all Pyun can do.  Junet wasn't even heard of in 1986, how could they have gotten him to direct?  Donner was already big after Lethal Weapon (I think that's Donner at least) and certainly wouldn't direct low budget trash like this.  What Albert Pyun needs to start doing is having a co-director for the dramatic parts, and helming the action stuff himself.  Maybe then he could progress up to real Hollywood action instead of low budget crap like his Adrenaline: Fear the Rush and the Nemesis sequels.
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #4. Posted on January 01, 2000, 07:18:40 PM by
Anyone know where I can buy the sound track to this movie. I personally thought that this movie was incredible - so kitsch and spoof like, but still retaining the 'awful B-Movie syndrome' - a classic based on an imagination given leave to bound about. Terrific!!!
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #5. Posted on February 29, 2000, 07:24:15 PM by
I have to say, I adored this movie. It brings out all the strange, twisted, totally off the wall, sides of me! It's actually one of my unknown obsessions, but that's ok. I don't really understand myself, but it was happy childhood memory of mine. Oddly enough my father taped the soundtrack from the movie, and I grew up listening to that before I ever knew what it was. Those are some pretty strange sounds to introduce someone to a movie!! And the lines he caught during the music sounded very peculiar out of context! (not that all of it didn't! lol)

Like buddexette, I would love it if I could find anyone with a copy of the soundtrack!!!! Or of where to find it.
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #6. Posted on July 04, 2000, 09:32:20 PM by Carlos Z
I have loved this flim since it first hit the shelves in the 80's! I only hope that my copy never wears out! It combines a mix of B-movie cheese, from 40's style detectives, 70's Roger Corman-esque bikers, and the Nuclear Holocaust hysteria/ Post-Nuke films of the 80's. This film never hit the main stream theatres because it was never meant to! Most likely it ran through the small, indie/art house theatres then to video. Actually giving this film a budget, or a director like Zemekis (or whoever), would have 'cheapened' the entertainment value of the film, maybe even overdramatized the acting and given it a forgetable soundtrack, and a desperate attempt to make it a 'serious' film. Forget all that. RADIOACTIVE DREAMS is a brilliant film to sit back and enjoy (like REPO MAN), not to be analyzed as to the whys and whatfors of the plot, directing or production. No deep, hidden meaning to it. I want to know who I have beg, bribe or kill to get the soundtrack on CD and the movie on DVD!!
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #7. Posted on July 19, 2000, 07:45:54 PM by Dominic
I have been searching for a copy of Radioactive Dreams for years because Michael Dudikoff kicks ass, so i was f**kin' made up when i saw that it was on cable. I love this goddamn hilarious movie. It's great to see Dudikoff unwind, and play a role which is a complete contast to his usual seriousness. He just seems so natural and comfortable with this thype of role. If anyone is interested, please visit my rock band's site(, as there is a link to a great Dudikoff site. Please sign the guest book first.
Radioactive Dreams
Reply #8. Posted on January 02, 2001, 04:39:10 PM by
George Kennedy is the best actor in the world....
Pages: [1] 2
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