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Rated NC-17
Copyright 1989 Toshiro Maeda
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 13 October 2001

The Characters:  

  • Bear with me on the spelling. I'm trying my best.
  • Amano Jaku - Hailing from the beast world, this powerful warrior is searching for a legendary being called the "Chojin" ("Overfiend"). He often doubts whether the legend is true.
  • Megumi - She is Amano Jaku's sister. His ability to recognize his sibling by her breasts is worrisome.
  • Kuroko - Little fellow who accompanies Megumi and her brother on their adventures. Likes to scare the pants off of teenagers by suddenly appearing and offering safe sex tips. Vaporized by a huge gout of ejaculate plasma.
  • Nagumo - Nerdy guy that is destined to get laid once, then become a huge demon that will destroy the world.
  • Akemi - She is either raped or sexually assaulted by three different demons in the course of a week. Also, after her first time (with a human - sort of), she gets pregnant and goes into a spiritual coma. Talk about bad luck.
  • Osaki - Star basketball player. He contracts a bizarre STD that makes his penis glow like a halogen floodlight. Morphs into a cool lycanthrope beast before being electrocuted.
  • Nicky - Secretly loves Akemi; so much that he chops off his manhood and replaces it with a demon dork, making him nearly invulnerable. Disemboweled (I did say "nearly invulnerable").
  • Swee Kakaju - Duke of Hell who is a consort of the Demon Queen and hates Amano Jaku. Attempts to destroy the Overfiend with a sea monster, but fails and is dissolved.
  • The Chojin - Well, I guess it does exist after all.
  • The Demon of Destruction - See what happens when a nerd gets laid?

The Plot: 

I was first introduced to this movie one decade ago. My friend, bearer of such forbidden fruit, only exclaimed "You have got to see this, it is 'freaky f**ked-up stuff!'" Few things can do that phrase justice. This tape, entirely in Japanese (meaning that I had no clue what was being said), was made for that phrase. Now, people do not watch tentacle hentai for the plot. Once you understand the ins and outs of the genre, it is all a measure of just how offensive the creators can get before enraged puritans storm the corporate office. What impressed me about "Legend of the Overfiend" is that, while the movie is disturbing, it still has a story to tell. I could realize that ten years ago, long before knowing what the characters were saying.

Sticky widgets, plus digits and other alarming things, are in abundance. Take care to stay close and I'll try to explain the film. Hopefully we can make it to the end without being drenched by bodily fluids.

Amano Jaku was born of the beast world (the Jujinkai), but has spent the last three hundred years wandering the human world (the Ninjinkai) in hopes of finding the Chojin. He has decided that Osaki must be the one and now bides his time, waiting for the transformation. Note that a third world, that of demons (the Makai), also exists, but its agents are invariably sadistic entities opposed to Amano.

During a basketball game we see Nagumo hiding in a storage room adjacent to the girls' locker room. Narrowly missing discovery by Akemi (after making too much noise masturbating), he sprints to the gym and dives into a cart of volleyballs. Osaki notices the chowderhead staring at the girls during their floor routine. He knocks Nagumo to the ground with a hurled basketball, then picks him up and comments on the bloody scrape it left on his cheek. The athlete licks the blood off! No, he is not a vampire. Yes, it is a plot point. Nagumo reacts as expected by looking embarrassed and fleeing the gym. He chills out under a tree to collect his thoughts and sees a female professor, with Akemi in tow, walking by.

The two women enter a secluded room on campus, at which point the professor rips off Akemi's clothes and starts a seafood diet! Not everything is what it seems though, for the woman starts changing into a demon! Luckily, for both students, Amano Jaku takes an interest in the after school special. Dispatching a demon is no problem; he leaves Nagumo behind to take credit for saving the day. Can you say, "Guaranteed sexual favors?" Good, I knew you could.

That night Osaki has a few girls over for a party. Everything is proceeding splendidly (oh yeah, start the porn music) when his willy starts glowing and a number of demons attack! Only after one of the fiends swallows the basketball player whole (with its testicle, egad) does a remarkable transformation take place: he grows hair, fangs, and claws! Amano Jaku watches the creature make mincemeat out of the demons, then calls down a massive lightning strike to test the Chojin. It kills Osaki, horribly. Confused by being wrong, he agrees immediately with Kuroko that the false Chojin must have ingested blood or semen from the real Overfiend. Holy hentai cows Batman! Nagumo must be the one! Only problem is that Nagumo just succeeded in stepping in front of a truck and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Megumi and her brother are on the hospital's roof, bitching about recent events, when an energy surge emanates from the building. It corresponds to Nagumo's corpse suddenly becoming very alive and very horny. The nurse on duty is unlucky enough to be within libido's reach and she is subjected to no small discomfort as the youth satisfies his urges, changing into a horned demon at the same time. Unfortunately the final climax causes the nurse to explode in a spray of entrails.

If you make women explode during sex then I'll even admit that "You da man!" However, I'd be much happier if you would limit your sexual activity to ugly women, thus leaving the attractive ones whole. We are getting off track, so back to the story at hand.

Worse things are coming though, because the demon swells in size and soon towers above the building. What really scared me were the genitalia. The Demon of Destruction would make John Holmes envious. Several huge (one-thousand feet long and thirty feet thick) love muscles hang from the monster's crotch. Except, the problem is, they don't just hang. The gargantuan phalluses flail about, causing wanton destruction and absorbing anyone unlucky enough to be in their path! How that did not make the newspaper's front page the next day, I'll never know. Instead there is an article about the disaster (no mention of a giant demon though) and Nagumo being the only survivor.

Other forces have noticed signs of the Chojin and one of them is Swee Kakaju. The Duke of Hell and Amano Jaku have a long history, dating back to at least 1923. It was then that Swee Kakaju summoned the elemental lord of the oceans to destroy Tokyo (hopefully the Chojin too), but the heroic beast warrior intervened. Confronting his adversary, Amano Jaku said something to the effect of, "You released the Demon Lord of the Oceans? You asshole!" and then blasted the jerk.

Swee Kakaju's newest plan is to subvert Nicky, another young man with a crush on Akemi, turning the poor fool into a deadly opponent for the Overfiend. It looks to be successful after a falling pile of steel girders clobbers Nagumo upside the head (ouch). Even though a large puddle of blood trickles out of the tangled mess, Akemi begs Nicky to help Nagumo. Uh, CPR training does not really cover someone being pulverized, but that does not matter. The blood is animate and attacks as the revitalized demon bursts from the pile of girders. When the two finally do fight, the outcome is a forgone conclusion; Nagumo runs away to hide as his girlfriend cries over Nicky's corpse.

The wise elder who rules the beast world bestows a vision upon Amano Jaku that shows Earth a wasteland of ruined cities. From the look of things, a nuclear war happened and now demons spend their time raping the unfortunate surviving humans. Reminded of the debate with Swee Kakaju he had during their latest battle, the young champion is now uncertain of what the Chojin's coming will entail. Does the future hold peace and happiness or untold misery and death?

Moot point, because Akemi and Nagumo are doing the wild thing. He changes into a raging demon during coitus and their mutual orgasm causes the barriers between the three worlds to vanish. Giant stalactites plummet from the sky as horrors run rampant through the streets. Nagumo, now the massive Demon of Destruction, begins a personal urban renewal project using his enormous phalluses. Brutally effective, whether they are lashing out to demolish entire city blocks or spurting destructive streams of plasma ejaculate, it is not the sort of thing you see every day.

The Chojin is not Nagumo, but the child of Akemi and Nagumo's union. After creating the three worlds three thousand years ago it has returned and is unhappy with the results. So, to facilitate wiping the slate clean and trying again, the Demon of Destruction will do its thing. Amano Jaku is left behind, finally understanding and vowing to survive and see the perfect world.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • There is a Jewish college in Japan.
  • Lesbians are really demons in disguise.
  • Never test someone's supernatural powers unless they are properly grounded.
  • Daydreaming about sex is okay; just don't do it in the middle of a road.
  • WD-40 can be used as breath freshener.
  • You know that you're a puss when your own father beats you up for being a puss.
  • One of the problems with teenage pregnancy is the possibility of spawning a super being that will destroy the world.
  • Radar is based off of technology discovered while studying the human uterus.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 4 mins - All she has to do is look down for proof that someone was there.
  • 5 mins - Thrown hard enough to become an ellipsoid! That is going to hurt!
  • 32 mins - Yup, sometimes life just isn't fair.
  • 37 mins - She actually looks Japanese!
  • 49 mins - Swee Kakaju should have watched a few James Bond movies, he would recognize this ploy.
  • 51 mins - Dude, that's not yogurt! Ewwwwwww.
  • 75 mins - Your master is a mystic. Stop asking him to explain the conundrum; he will just speak in riddles.
  • 78 mins - I would imagine that she is going to be sore...
  • 96 mins - "Thanks for setting me free. How about not bouncing me off a huge stalactite next time?"

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note overfiend1.wav Akemi: "Nagumo, tell me it was just a bad dream. Tell me Mrs. Ogami wasn't a monster, that she didn't rape me. Oh please!"
Green Music Note overfiend2.wav Megumi: "Let's face it brother, there is no Chojin. Let's go home. Let's go back to our world."
Green Music Note overfiend3.wav Amano Jaku: "Swee Kakaju, why must you destroy the Chojin?"
Swee Kakaju: "Why? I like my world the way it is. The Chojin will change everything. I won't stand for it!"
Green Music Note overfiend4.wav Amano Jaku: "Nagumo, it took me three-hundred years to find you. I've waited so very long to find out you are not a god. You are evil!"

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipoverfiend1.mpg - 2.8m
Amano Jaku finally gets tired of the demon taking cheap shots at him. He transforms and makes an end run on the monster's brain housing group. I like the bone shield (in the shape of a beast's skull) that manifests on his left shoulder.

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1] 2 3
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #1. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Amano
I thought the Overfeind series rocked! I know it's toatally perverted with nearly every female charecter being raveged, daily, but I think that's why it's funny... I mean, you've had a hard day chasing some kid around the neiborhood and when you find him in a brothel and take him for a short flight, whaddya know?
A big demon cricket with three peinises just waiting to ambush you and cut you a new ass hole... I thought this was just really funny.
Then you go to ask your brothers advice and find him butt-f**king the head of the tribes grandaughter in a pool of magma... Crazy stuff! :) :)
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #2. Posted on April 13, 2002, 07:07:02 PM by Akira
This movie is GOD Like  especially  Urotsukidoji 3, all the charecters rule and i agree it has like one of the best endings.
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #3. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Sam Bedoes
Absolutely incredible.

If H.R.Giger and H.P.Lovecraft got together and made a movie, this would be it.
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #4. Posted on February 02, 2002, 06:26:46 AM by Alex Wynn
The overfiend has to be the best manga movie i have ever seen! Its a bit confusing but its a cool film
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #5. Posted on August 12, 2002, 06:25:02 AM by LostWolf
These films, best exemplified by the Overfiend series but including such delights as Godzilla and Akira are the product of a cultural consciousness that has seen horrors on a scale few of us can comprehend.  Walking through Hiroshima the day after the A-bomb must have made the worst excesses of Urotsukidoji seem pastoral by comparison.  Those people must have felt that hell had touched them, and films like this are part of the psychic scars this wound has left.
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #6. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by Thor
This is the perfect movie for those who have tired
of watching the same old predictable movies being made in hollywood.
Urotsukidoji is an epic journey with great characters and plot,and although some people complain about the sex-scenes,
they do belong in the movie´s plot and no one has a right
to remove them and thereby altering the artists original vision. I mean, the movie is rated 18 so what´s the problem? The version I´m reviewing is the perfect collection
and that´s the version I recommend you get.
"Legend of the demon womb" is also great. I think it takes place somewhere in the middle of "Legend of the overfiend".
Stay away from "Inferno road" though, that one stinks.
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #7. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Chadzilla
I'm glad to see this got four slimes, it means I'm not that alone after all.
Legend of the Overfiend
Reply #8. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by darthmonotonous
Actually this was the first and only good hentia movie. Saw this in a theatre in the early 90's and have been mentally scarred ever since. The film has a good if disturbing story. Those who say it's nonsense can't get past the shock of this monster. Three versions of Overfeind exsist. I would like to know which one the reviewer saw. The shorter versions remove a few important scenes.
Pages: [1] 2 3
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