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Not Rated
Copyright 1981 Films Dara
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Vincent - Interpol agent, suffers from a serious case of "I'm a nice guy." Chomped.
  • Lea - Female reporter, she's a great deal better looking with her top off. Turned into human mush.
  • Lieutenant Mike London - Leader of the crack Interpol unit, a strangely poetic man... ...until he gets munched.
  • Santoro - Unbalanced guy, he enjoys playing "keep away" with the beasties. Eventually fails to "keep away."
  • Two Dudes - One is Lea's cameraman, the other an Interpol guy. Both become zombie chow.
  • Josie, Hubby, and the Kid - Fodder, she gets eaten by a random zombie and the kid becomes one then chews his dad's neck out.
  • The Zombies - Created by a chemical/nuclear accident, something like that.

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The Plot: 

This was awful, coming from myself that's quite a statement. Twenty minutes into the flick I was trying to come up with a way to get revenge against the director of this one.

In New Guinea (you heard me, funny little island in the Pacific) some sort of chemical/nuclear research project, based in a refinery, goes terribly wrong. Half a world away the special Interpol team led by Lieutenant London is dispatched to find out what. The International Criminal Police Organization is called out to investigate the disaster at a nuclear facility?

They don't take a boat to the offshore facility though. They get airdropped miles inland! Plus, they're all dubbed over; it sounds like a bunch of guys from the Bronx, NYC. Anyway, they run into some news reporters who are having zombie problems, like the seven year old kid munching through dad's neck.

After some suitable idiocy they learn to shoot the brain. They never put this to use though. The morons just keep pumping bullets into every other body part except the head. The surviving reporters accompany the policemen through several boring encounters with undead. The survivors from those finally arrive at the research center. This is good, it signals the movie's end is near, and so are the actors - everybody dies! End of story.

At one point the travelers hear drums, so Lea says that she has to make friends with the natives! The young lady then proceeds to whip her shirt off, slap some face paint on, and go jogging into the village. The sight of a woman jogging topless lifted my spirits for a few moments, before the assneck director again threw stock footage at me. Prepare to see numerous segments lifted from "Animal Kingdom" or "National Geographic" specials. One moment you're watching a zombie shamble along, the next it's a horde of fruit bats roosting. If you think that's bad wait until you see people constantly "paralyzed with fear" as the zombies approach. Complete idiocy, unless you are a serious bad movie enthusiast (or want to torture your friends) avoid this one.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • One zombie rat can kill a full grown man.
  • People will stare in paralyzed horror at a zombie eating someone.
  • Eco terrorists talk too much.
  • Zombies are usually mistaken for lepers.
  • Modern battle tanks are no match for spear chucking natives.
  • Bras are good. (Leaf through a National Geographic, you'll understand.)
  • The natives of New Guinea use synthesizers.
  • Zombies are not very good at tag.
  • The undead love to wear polyester.
  • Zombies cannot swim.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 2 mins - Is this a movie about disco or zombies?
  • 9 mins - Why did that guy pull his own gas mask off when the zombie attacked?
  • 23 mins - These guys could sure use a group hug.
  • 31 mins - You need a bigger gun.
  • 34 mins - Hey morons, didn't he tell you to shoot them in the head?
  • 37 mins - Stock "National Geographic" footage.
  • 42 mins - Stock footage.
  • 55 mins - How did he get behind her?
  • 64 mins - Stock footage of birds catching fish?
  • 79 mins - Stock footage of fruit bats? Couldn't you guys afford film?

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note nightzombies1.wav Scientist: "It's no use, sir. The circuits have gone wild. Nobody answers."
Other Scientist: "We had better stop that leak, or we'll all be dead."
Green Music Note nightzombies2.wav London: "Eagle calling base. It's hot as a horse's ass and fly time here, and I don't like the heat."
Green Music Note nightzombies3.wav Vincent: "Patience is the chief virtue of those who have faith, Mahtama Gandhi, New Dehli, 1946. London: "Up your ass, Lieutenant Mike London, Shit Creek, the year is now."
Green Music Note nightzombies4.wav Official: "We have to organize the police forces, local and national, into well armed teams equipped with flamethrowers and ready to take the corpses from relatives who try to hide them."
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

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 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipnightzombies1.mpg - 1.9m
Playing keep away with the zombies.

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 ... 4 5 [6] 7 8
Night of the Zombies
Reply #41. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by PC_Arcade
I'm confused, the movie reviewed is Night of the Zombies (, but the movie most people seem to be discussing here is Virus AkA Hell of the living dead (
But the pictures on the review appear to be from Virus.
Virus is the funniest zombie movie ever, how can you not love a film where, upon seeing a "horde" of zombie stagger out of the woods, the protaganists exclaims that "maybe they're drunk!!" and later wearing a tut and doing a bizzare song an dance routine whilst being torn to pieces by zombies. Comic genius :D
Night of the Zombies
Reply #42. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Samzilla
I come from Italy and I would just like to take this as an oppurtunity to apologize on behalf of all the italian people for creating these countless zombie rip offs.
However, please dont think of these films as representations of Italys creativity. I mean, check out the Dario Argento films. They are masterpieces.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #43. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by yannick the big dick
Bought the movie from anchor bay and it came with Night of the rats.

less then 20$ for theses 2 features was quit a bargain cause if you look at it on i live in Canada night of the rats cost 24$ and Hell of the living dead pertty much the same thing.

Night of the rats and Hell of the living dead are 2 funny yet gory movies i dont mind having in my collection.

They are not the best movies but still pertty funny to watch.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #44. Posted on August 22, 2005, 10:50:49 PM by Nick
Night of the Zombies is awesome!, my favorite zombie film after the Romero trilogy.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #45. Posted on November 12, 2004, 01:35:10 AM by Master Blaster
I bought this baby for $1.99 on good ol classic VHS. One of the worst of the worst zombie flicks to come out of Italy. A montage to plot holes, ripoffs, and bloopers. If you really love zombies, and really love crap movies, this one is for you. Deffinately a Plan 9 level of crappy, except without the charm.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #46. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by Eagle
One of those movies you can´t take too serious. Its just the right footage for a video-party with lots of beer and potato-flips. Obviously a rip-off Romeros "Dawn of the Dead" with bad acting but funny to watch after all.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #47. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by Zack
Also, I should mention that I saw this when an ex of mine and I purchansed this packaged together with "Rats: Night of Terror".  (at the time it was labeled as "Hell of the Living Dead") and we, being terrible fools and gluttons for punishment, watched them a row.

Besides the fact that most of the costumes and all of the music is stolen from the much better "Dawn of the Dead" is still enjoyed this piece of crap on a "boy....I can't believe that just happened kind of way."  

also, who can forget the INSANE dialogue (probably from the words being meant to match the lips with no thought to content) we get to hear the crazy twitchy guy scream "Shift your ass or you'll get your balls wasted!!!!"

Gold Jerry, Gold.
Night of the Zombies
Reply #48. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Zack
Actually I think people mention the dawn of the dead rip off thing, cause they kind of all wear the same uniforms as the two heroes from DOTD and they kinda stole the soundtrack...I mean like the ENTIRE soundtrack.  like every piece of music in that movie is ripped right of romero's.  anyway, just sayin...
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