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OL' DIRTY KUNG FU - 2 Slimes
Not Rated
Copyright 1998 Hong Kong Connection (I believe the film was made in the early 80's).
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Cliff Lok - Young man who pretends to be the famous fighter "Bamboo Stick" for a while.
  • Bamboo Stick - Really old man, his powerful martial arts involves "turning enemies strengths against them" and a bamboo staff.
  • Quan Chen Chi - Student of Bamboo Stick's fighting style, killed by Lung Yung Fing.
  • Kha Chi Pu Tan - Cruel owner of a judo school, defeated in combat by Quan Chen Chi and corn (as in the vegetable).
  • Lung Yung Fing - Evil warlord who uses "Iron Head" style to headbutt his enemies into submission, slain by Cliff Lok.

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The Plot: 

After watching this one it's dead certain some of the film has to be missing, I know that kung fu flicks are not exactly easy to follow, but this is ridiculous.

As the movie starts we see some guy who is going to hang himself; suddenly he's getting pelted and then a mangy bum falls out of the nearby tree. The suicidal man explains that a brigand is forcing his daughter into marriage and he can't live with himself. Now it gets strange, not only is the bum not just a bum, he's the famous kung fu hero "Bamboo Stick." Cut to the wedding scene, where what is obviously a man dressed up like a woman weds the brigand. Maybe the evil guys were drunk, I've been drunk, never anywhere close to mistaking an unwashed old man for a Chinese girl, but oh well. In the resulting fracas Bamboo Stick kills the evil guy, unfortunately it's the son of his old rival Lung Yung Fang.

Daddy brigand vows to take revenge, he waylays Bamboo Stick's student and steals a precious treasure he was guarding for the government. The student, Quan Chen Chi, escapes and is soon wanted by the authorities for losing the jade ring.

In an entirely different movie starring Quan Chen Chi and Cliff Lok, they wander around for most of the film defeating evil (Or something like that.) until the original film bleeds over - Lung Yun Fang finds them. He of the great eyebrows uses the "Iron Head" technique and kills Quan Chen Chi. Bamboo Stick meanders back into the film, after learning of his pupil's death a battle ensues, but he is no match for Lung Yung Fang's head! Badly wounded he is nursed back to health by Cliff Lok and teaches the young man powerful kung fu.

When the evil warlord again finds our heroes he is in for a surprise, mainly the young fighter stuffing noodle batter in his face. You heard me, Cliff Lok blinds the bad guy with noodle batter then chokes him to death with a split bamboo stalk.

Not really impressed with this fu flick, though watching a bald guy beat people up with his noggin was cool.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Suicide should be committed in the nude.
  • Wine gourds are indistinguishable from breasts.
  • "Crazy Monkey" style involves screaming like a chimpanzee given an enema.
  • Never punch a tree.
  • Apples also make good fake breasts.
  • Don't let some bald guy using "Iron Head" pound on your chest with his head.
  • Heads cracking open look suspiciously like watermelons thrown against rocks.
  • Noodles can be used like nunchucks.
  • Bald heads are slippery.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 11 mins - What is up with that mole?
  • 16 mins - Ouch! (Hot poker to the left butt cheek.)
  • 23 mins - Did he just break wind?
  • 32 mins - Now that is a huge welt.
  • 47 mins - Please make the old Chinese guy stop taking his clothes off.
  • 57 mins - The ultimate in perversion, kung fu cross dressers.
  • 85 mins - Old Bamboo Stick has some really young legs.
  • 92 mins - Is he actually using noodle dough?

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note dirtykungfu1.wav Lung: "Well what's your idea? Speak up!"
Guy: "Old Bamboo Stick has a disciple called Quan Chen Chi. He's on escort duty now, for the government."
Green Music Note dirtykungfu2.wav Quan: "I'm not the famous fighter Bamboo Stick, it's all your fault."
Green Music Note dirtykungfu3.wav Kha: "What the hell is your name?"
Quan: "I'm the hero Bamboo Stick, who are you?"
Green Music Note dirtykungfu4.wav Quan: "I'm going to keep practicing Iron Head until I can kill Lung Yung Fing!"

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 



 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipdirtykungfu1.mpg - 2.5m
Iron Head even knocks the bottom out of crockery!

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1]
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #1. Posted on July 15, 2000, 05:36:06 PM by yuen_lo
This is a great movie with the late and great Simon Yuen (the old guy). Also put on this you learned is that girls that don't like light have kid with no a***oles.
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #2. Posted on October 12, 2000, 12:58:54 AM by T-Bag
Come on any movie with Sam the Seed (The Old Guy is the bomb. Plus you get a shot of an exploding watermelon
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #3. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Marshall Kal
ol' dirty kung fu is the center peice to the entire wu collection, but invicible armor comes close to beating this film.  One wu film that is not so good is, FASTER BLADE & POISONOUS DARTS, was there even a story line or was it just fighting?
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #4. Posted on April 04, 2001, 03:06:46 AM by Greg
My favorite fight is the match between the Great Bamboo Stick (Lok) and the Terrible Tiger
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #5. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by Yama
Oh, so THAT'S what the watermelon was supposed to be. When I saw it, I thought "What does a falling watermelon have to do with anything?"

That says a lot about the budget. They seem to be able to afford one generic hitting sound effect (THWAK) and they used an actual watermelon as a shattering head. Wow.
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #6. Posted on September 03, 2004, 12:51:35 PM by Colonel Salty
I love this movie because it was one of the first kung fu movies I ever saw. This movie got me into martial arts and I thank the influence its had on me.
Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #7. Posted on October 10, 2006, 01:50:24 AM by Kung Fu Karl
Looks cool I might like to acquire this movie.
Re: Ol' Dirty Kung Fu
Reply #8. Posted on November 18, 2014, 07:42:54 AM by Trevor
47 mins - Please make the old Chinese guy stop taking his clothes off.
  Buggedout  BounceGiggle BounceGiggle
Pages: [1]
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