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The Best Reviews for the Worst Movies
The Legion of Muck is awarded quarterly to sites which are exceptional in their support of b-movies.

I do not give out this award to garner more hits for my website (hence only four times each year). I genuinely admire the men and women who have gone to such lengths for their love of the genre. Such talent and creativity devoted to b-movies keeps me motivated.

Kevin Karstens was kind enough to create the Legion of Muck graphic. His Karsten Creations Website is full of artwork and short clips that he has created.
The Best Reviews for the Worst Movies

OCTOBER 2008 - Present
The Legion of Muck is suspended for this period.

JULY 2008 - SEPTEMBER 2008
Lost Highway's B-Movie Reviews
Steve's site features a clean layout that is easy to navigate, well written reviews, and various articles and items connected to cult and exploitation films. This is a good piece of work, and definitely worth your time to check out.

APRIL 2008 - JUNE 2008
Cinema Suicide
Bryan White's b-movie blog publishes a great mix of b-movie news and reviews. Most of time, I stick to movie review sites, but Bryan has a knack for writing interesting stories that run the full gauntlet of cult films.

JANUARY 2008 - MARCH 2008
Post Apocalypse Films
I love the idea of a website that is dedicated to post apocalyptic films. Not only does this allow the writer to compare and contrast different movies, but there are a lot of films that fit the description. Michael and his companion Nate have been delivering a steady supply of reviews and interviews from after the apocalypse, so click the link and check it out.

Kevin's interest covers a wide range of films and he does something special in many of his reviews: he provides detailed information about the source material used for the review, even comparing different releases. The site's layout is very clean and the writing is well done. This is a nice resource to use when you are trying to decide about where to spend your monthly cult DVD budget.

JULY 2007 - SEPTEMBER 2007
The B-Movie Film Vault
Jordan has been reviewing films for a number of years and was involved in creating the Rogue Reviewers. The site looks a lot like (it is my site's illegitimate child). However, Jordan's writing style is different and you can see the divergent evolution. A number of reviews are still locked away in the archives, but they are being updated and posted to the new site whenever Jordan has the free time.

APRIL 2007 - JUNE 2007
Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard
Pulled from their unnatural slumber, movies are subjected to detailed review and critique. Shadow loves the older films, so one page will feature the likes of "Invisible Invaders," while another revels in the cheese that is "Reptilicus." He puts a massive amount of effort into each article and has a knack for finding amusing screenshots that illustrate the review.

JANUARY 2007 - MARCH 2007
B-Movie Central
A review site to love. The layout is clean and easy to browse, the character descriptions come complete with pictures from the movie, and the webmaster obviously has fun writing about the films he selects for review. Duane has been publishing articles about movies for a number of years and his bad movie fu is very powerful.

Atomic Monsters
This site can be tricky to navigate (Flip the switch, flip it!), but make sure you take time to read the reviews. Each one jumps out at you; the layout is more like a magazine color supplement than a dingy old webpage. Each review also has great tidbits added, be they just for fun or providing more information.

JUNE 2006 - SEPTEMBER 2006
The Rogue Reviewers
I have been remiss in not giving out this award. Since I last did a whole new cadre of quality b-movie sites have risen from the great band of white noise that is the World Wide Web. The Rogue Reviewers is not one site, but a group dedicated to working hard and generating new content. You can spend days looking through the huge number of articles, including many great reviews, that they have created. I expect that one of their member sites will be the next Legion of Muck award winner as well. It would take a dramatic change for any of the other sites out there (who have never received the award) to bump them down on my favorite reading list.

JANUARY 2003 - MAY 2006
The Legion of Muck was suspended for this period.

3B Theater
Chad rates movies according to the law of three beers and he is darn good at it. Rating movies that is, not drinking. He may be good at the latter. Anyone who has watched "Daddy's Deadly Darling" (also know as "Pigs") must appreciate the effects of alcohol. In any case, the website reaches far above the level you might infer from its title.

JULY 2002 - SEPTEMBER 2002
Sadly, the original Scifilm closed. The site is operating once again, and is an interesting read, but it is not the same site that was selected for the award.

APRIL 2002 - JUNE 2002
The website chosen did not accept (no reply). The award will remain fallow until July 2002.

JANUARY 2002 - MARCH 2002
The website chosen did not accept (no reply). The award will remain fallow until April 2002.

Dante's Inferno and All Night Video Store
He might be with the Army, but Dante knows how to crank out reviews for really AWFUL cinematic atrocities. Especially bad action films; I've never known anyone who watched so many. The refreshing candor is a definite plus. There are plenty of movies that make you say, "What the Hell?" and his reviews will provide ample warning.

JULY 2001 - SEPTEMBER 2001
The Unknown Movies Page
Greywizard has spent years reviewing obscure films with a dedication that deserves profound respect. Looking for an articulate opinion about a video collecting dust at your local rental store? Here is the website to check first. In addition, the gentleman often helps people who are looking for their own "unknown movie."

APRIL 2001 - JUNE 2001
Simply amazing website chronicling the film career of a low budget hero, the director of such films as "Grizzly" and "The Manitou." The layout is beautiful and there are pages (upon pages) of background information, interviews, and reviews. In the future big shot directors will have websites like this, but for now the reigning champion is a b-movie legend who died tragically in a helicopter crash.

JANUARY 2001 - MARCH 2001
Opposable Thumb Films
There is no love to be lost over Joe's use of the "Hoff Scale" (yes, he means David Hasslehoff - shudder). Still, the man loves weird films and can express his opinions with a zest lost among mainstream movie critics. Just seeing that he had reviewed "Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot" (the 1st episode) made me cry.

This entry was removed. The award was given and is valid, but I no longer wish for people to visit the site. Hence no name, nor link.

JULY 2000 - SEPTEMBER 2000
Any discussion of celluloid scholars should include mention of Mark Hurst (AKA: The Enigmatic Apostic), his ability to pull obscure titles out of thin air and then analyze them is legendary among b-movie lovers the world over. He does not write reviews often, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity.

APRIL 2000 - JUNE 2000
Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Nathan has a terrific idea here, bringing you a "recommended b-movie of the week" with links to review sites (so you know how much it's going to hurt). Everyone decides what movie the group will watch for the week, does so over the weekend, and moans about the pain Sunday morning.

JANUARY 2000 - MARCH 2000
Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension
This site is one of the best bad movie reviewers out there, expect IN DEPTH (Can you believe about half a dozen pages picking apart Johnny Mnemonic?) reviews of some truly horrid films accompanied by pictures. There is a first rate bulletin board to post your own thoughts and this is a good place to get information about B-Fest. (The marathon bad movie festival in Chicago.)

The Bad Movie Report
Dr. Freex loves to watch movies that would kill lesser men and yet his reviews are strangely poetic. Here you can expect reviews of some frightful films, some amusing articles he has written, and the mailbag. (Any website who has a slogan of, "Face It, We Love Crap" is a blast.)

JULY 1999 - SEPTEMBER 1999
The Diabolical Dominion
Reviewing horror movies with a rather high gore and dark comedy factor. The layout is superb (I really can't say enough about how the website is a pleasure to browse.) and they offer crystal clear image files from the movies with each review. Add to this a chatroom, message board, monthly contests, and regular horror news updates - it's a fantastic place to spend an hour or two.

APRIL 1999 - JUNE 1999
Night of the Creeps
Horror movie appreciation site, these guys like films with a healthy dose of gore and mayhem. They are also host to ASTOUNDING rants of such a nature to render most conservatives catatonic. Regardless, with a host of evil reviewers on hand they stay extremely dynamic. (Updated often.) Hitler's Brain resides at the website with some questions for you and beware anything endorsed by Merciful Buddha! Kids had better stay home, their normal language sounds like me annoyed (and that's pretty impressive)...

JANUARY 1999 - MARCH 1999
Bad Cinema Diary
Bruce Edwards is tireless in his pursuit of bad movies and he has watched enough to kill most men. His reviews are short, to the point, and often include image files from the saucier moments. His perchant for covering up the wanton women with "naughty" censorship boxes just adds to the feel.

Sadly, this website has gone offline.

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