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Rated R
Copyright 1988 Lorimar Pictures
Reviewed by Alexander Gustafsson on 31 January 2008

The Characters:  

  • Jesse - A young boy who becomes the hero of the film. Tries desperately to warn his sister about the undead and is quite smart and brave for his age. Also appears to share the same last name with Burt Wilson (from the original).
  • Billy - The local bully who, together with his pal Johnny, stupidly releases the gas and becomes a zombie. Spends most of his time in the film trying to get Jesse. Electrocuted to a crisp.
  • Lucy - Jesse's older sister who enjoys aerobics and doesn't believe Jesse until the zombies show up.
  • Tom - A cable installer who doesn't really care very much about his job, but his knowledge of electrics comes in handy when they find out how to kill the zombies.
  • Ed - A gravedigger who likes black humor and loves his job; that is, until the corpses he took want to take him. Zombiefied.
  • Joey - Ed's assistant for the night who doesn't love his job as much as Ed does. Also zombiefied.
  • Brenda - Joey's girlfriend, who blames Ed for the zombie plague. Manages to get rid of a couple of zombies, but mostly acts hysterical until she's eaten by her undead boyfriend.
  • Doc Mandel - The local quack who owns a car that rarely starts and likes to take a drink once in a while, if not all the time.
  • Billy's Parents - Confused neighbors who try to find out what's going on. They both become zombie dinner
  • The Zombies - Corpses brought back to life by the toxic gas that caused the similar events in the original. Hungry for the brains of the living. They will not stop coming after you, no matter if you shoot them in the body or the head.

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The Plot: 

The movie starts with a gas canister that falls off of an army truck and lands in the river. The next day, young Jesse joins a club owned by the two bullies, Billy and Johnny. They show him the "clubhouse," which is actually the crypt at an old cemetery. Jesse is afraid and runs away, but the bullies find him and the missing canister. When they see the corpse inside they run away in fear.

But Billy and Johnny later return to take a closer look on the canister. Ignoring Jesse's earlier warnings, they accidentally release the toxic gas inside and the dangerous fumes hit the cemetery with horrendous results. And what was once dead and buried is not going to stay that way any longer. The corpses crawl out of their graves, hungry for BRAAAIINNSSS!!!!!

Billy tries to warn his sister and the cable installer Tom, but of course they don't believe him. They quickly realize that he's right when the zombies try to break into their home. Together with the grave robbers Ed, Joey, and Brenda and the local doctor Mandel, they manage to escape the zombies, but only temporarily. The undead are all over the town, and it's up to the remaining survivors to find out how to destroy these constantly hungry zombies, which is easier said than done.

The zombies don't seem to die, no matter how much damage they cause to them, and escape is impossible, since all the roads out have been sealed off by the military. Finally, Tom finds out how to kill the zombies, but they're running out of time and must destroy these ghastly creatures before it's too late.

"Return of the Living Dead Part II" is a great movie with excellent elements of both comedy and horror. It has a lot of references to the previous film. Bringing back James Karen and Thom Matthews in new roles is one of the many brilliant things in the film that relates to the famous original. Good zombie performances and definitely one of the funniest zombie movies ever. If you've got a good sense of humor and like horror movies, you'll probably enjoy this film as much as I did.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Always check the weather report before you release a poisonous gas into the air.
  • Cars rarely start in desperate situations
  • Zombies can recall who the president was when they were alive.
  • Zombies eat the brains of any living creature, including animals.
  • Zombies can drive.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 5 mins - Is that a real, mint Spiderman comic?
  • 10 mins - Don't worry; it's not alive - yet.
  • 14 mins - Rain always comes suddenly in horror movies.
  • 25 mins - Watch where you're going, pal!
  • 26 mins - Eeeww...
  • 35 mins - For gods sake, don't touch that thing!
  • 50 mins - F**k you.
  • 61 mins - Zombie in half.
  • 74 mins - And the zombies go down, and they're up, and they're down, and they're up.
  • 85 mins - Michael Jackson doing the electric boogie.


  • Ed: "You see, we're the ones who take them out instead of putting them in."
  • Joey: "You're supposed to be dead!"
  • Zombie head: "Get that damn screwdriver outta my head!"
  • Jesse: "Okay, they seem to like brains. So maybe they'll leave you alone."
  • Doc: "Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me the name of the United States president, please?"
    Zombie: "Hmmm...Harry Truman!"
  • Doc: "Interesting situation. Soldiers in the front, zombies in the back."
  • Jesse: "That's why you're dead, ass-wipe: no brain and a big mouth!"
  • Doc: (Speaks in to the walkie talkie) "Doc Mandel here! Who's this?"
    Voice in the walkie talkie: "Brains!Brainsss!"
  • Doc: "Excuse me, the bar is open!"

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note returndeadii1.wav Ed: "Not me. You'll never find me in one of these. I'm gonna get me cremated."
Joey: "You're just afraid that some old creep like you is going to come along and steal your head."
Ed: "Watch your tongue boy, if you like this job."
Joey: "Like this job?"
Green Music Note returndeadii2.wav Jesse tries to tell his sister about the zombies.
Green Music Note returndeadii3.wav Doc: "How'd you get in here? What-what seems to be the problem?"
Tom: "Where are the keys to your car?"
Doc: "Why? Are we going somewhere?"
Doc: "There seem to be hooligans terrorizing the neighborhood. I-I-I-I..."
Lucy: "No. No. It's the dead. They've come back to life!"
Doc: "The dead? Dead what?"
Tom: "People! We need your car!"
Doc: "Well, it sounds to me like you need a hearse."
Green Music Note returndeadii4.wav Lucy: "Hey! Hey! Hey, over here! Over here!"
Zombies: "Hey! Brains! Fresh brains!"
Green Music Note returndeadii5.wav Joey: "Brenda!"
Brenda: "Ah! Joey, you stay away from me!"
Joey: "Ohhhh, Brenda your brains smell so good - so rich and spicy."
Brenda: "Spicy?"
Joey: "Yeah."
Brenda: "Joey, I am not into dead guys."
Green Music Note returndeadii6.wav Soldier: "I joined the army to see the world, not this!"
Sarge: "Get a hold of yourself, son. You're an American soldier. We got a firefight on our hands, and the enemy's already dead. Beautiful."

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipreturndeadii1.mpg - 4.2m
Jesse goes back into the culvert to copy down the phone number off of the drum. At first, he doesn't notice the slimy zombie.

"I eat...your brains!"

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