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THE GATE II - 3 Slimes
Rated PG-13
Copyright 1989 Vision International
Reviewed by Hamish on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Terry - From the original, Terry (Louis Tripp) decides to open the Gate one more time for his father. He has second thoughts, but John comes in and helps. A very weird guy to play the hero and defeat the demons.
  • Moe - (Simon Reynolds) John's best mate, seems to be lacking a bit of knowledge and always does what John tells him to do.
  • Liz - The one person that can change how the whole movie turns out. She knows a thing or two and was John's girlfriend before she met Terry.
  • John - The tough guy, the guy that will not take any sh*t from nobody; the guy that takes things into his own hands and opens the gate after Terry chickens out.

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The Plot: 

This movie is very similar to the first Gate, but has some better special effects and it seems Terry really has grown up.

Terry's father is in deep depression, so he wants to open the Gate back up and make a wish so that his Dad will get a job and get back his sanity. He goes over to the house where it all began, gets all his gear ready, and starts the prayer. Then John, Liz, and Moe turn up wondering what the hell Terry is doing. Without quite knowing what he is up to, they join in so they can make some wishes and bring up some demons.

Everything seems to be going fine, until Terry decides not to carry on (it's just too dangerous). But John has wants something, so he grabs the sacrificial hamster and cuts its head off with one swipe of Terry's knife. The head falls to the ground and the wind starts howling and blowing everything around. A foul smell enters the room, the smell of the dead.

The minion comes up behind John's shoe and scares the hell out of him. He blasts it with his gun, killing it. Well, that's what they think. Moe, John, and Liz get the heck out of there and leave Terry to deal with the mess. He takes the dead minion home and bottles it up in preservative.

A few nights later, Terry notices that the minion's wound has healed. That same night the minion breaks out and so Terry locks it in a cage. Liz comes in sees it is still alive. She wants to have a little fun and do some wishing. Liz wishes for a car and some other stuff, but later on it all turns to shit - literally.

John is now angry at Liz and Terry for hanging around together, so John and Moe steal the minion to do some wishing of their own. On the drive to do some wishing, the minion attacks Moe and John, ripping at their faces and almost killing them all in a car crash. John starts to turn into a demon himself after seeing his skin and body rotting.

Terry and Liz have to get the minion back to the gate and get rid of it, but they encounter John and have some difficulty in doing so. Liz is almost sacrificed and Terry starts to turn into a demon after being bitten by the minion. Finally, Terry hears the soft music of his dead mother's music box and starts getting his humanity back. Well, just enough to kill John and throw the box with the minion in it down into the gate.

Later that week, Terry's funeral is in place (lasers coming from the Gate killed him). John and Moe were also MIA in the netherwold. All the mourners scream and run away when the coffin opens and Terry pops out, wondering what happened. Liz, Terry, and his Dad walk off and laugh. A few minutes later, John and Moe come out of the same coffin and walk off laughing.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Summoning demons to make one wish is not worth it.
  • Shooting a minion in the chest a couple of times will not do any good, they just some back.
  • After being bitten and ripped at by a minion, don't expect everything to be fine and dandy.
  • Blowing marijuana smoke into a minion's face does not calm it down, it just makes it more hyper and mad.
  • When you are turning into a demon, don't just find a mirror and stare at yourself rotting, go make some mayhem.
  • Wishes do not last for long, they all turn to sh*t and smell.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 10 mins - Summoning the Demons and evil spirits.
  • 18 mins - Trying to stay inside the circle when wind is blowing everything into your face.
  • 26 mins - Ha ha! Two guys (that are high) being ripped to pieces by a small minion in a car.
  • 45 mins - Watching John's skin fall off and him turn into a Demon.
  • 57 mins - Trying to sacrifice Liz while she is unconscious on a rock bench.


  • Moe: "I'm not meant to get excited!"
  • Liz: "That's it? That's going to save the world?"
    Terry: "Sure, why not? I mean, look at it this way, a couple of prayers and a dead hamster got us into this mess, right?"

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note gateii1.wav Terry: "It's hard to believe the world almost ended right here on our block. The problem wasn't that we opened the gate, that we summoned ancient demons. The problem was that we didn't do it right."
Green Music Note gateii2.wav Liz: "This isn't Satanism. This is something else, isn't it?"
Terry: "Yeah, it's demonology. Satanism is for pussies."
Green Music Note gateii3.wav Liz: "This is crazy! A minion? What is it?"
Terry: "If demons were rock stars he'd be the roadie."
Green Music Note gateii4.wav John: "God damn chicks man. Who needs demons when you got chicks?"

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 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipgateii1.mpg - 2.3m
The little demon guy had a bad attitude from the beginning, but Terry smacking it around with a hockey stick is not helping.

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