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Rated R
Copyright 1998 Universal Pictures
Reviewed by Adam Eshack on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Tiffany - Played by Jennifer Tilly, whose breasts do most of the acting for her; Chucky's Martha Stewart loving trailer-trash girlfriend who resurrects and brings him back together; Chucky later turns her into a doll; she's burned and stabbed by Chucky, but gives birth to Chucky's baby just before passing away.
  • Chucky - The notorious strangler Charles Lee Ray, who has spent 10 years now in a Good Guy doll, and is brought back by girlfriend Tiffany, whom he later turns into a doll; on the search for his amulet he had on his necklace before he was dead, so that he can come back to human form without having to scare the hell outta Andy (from the previous "Chucky" movies) anymore; Chucky's blown away by Jade, but he could still possibly be alive, because "he always comes back!"
  • Jesse - Jade's boyfriend who looks a decade older than his age in the movie; Kincaid hates him and Jesse tries to find a way to see Jade without Kincaid knowing, getting help from David; he ends up eloping with Jade and tries to stop Chucky and Tiffany from killing more people as he and Jade take the blame for the killings.
  • Jade - Kincaid's niece, who also looks a decade older than her age in the movie; madly in love with Jesse and is trying to flee from her Uncle Kincaid and Norton; ends up eloping with Jesse, and tries to stop Chucky and Tiffany from killing more people as she and Jesse take the blame for the killings.
  • Chief Kincaid - Jade's obsessed uncle, who always checks on her and hates Jesse's guts, so he has Norton following the two around whenever together; Chucky and Tiffany cause pins to fly in his face and he is later stabbed to death by Chucky.
  • David - Jade's gay best friend; crushed head-on by a truck in traffic.
  • Damien - Tiffany's nerdy Marilyn Manson like boyfriend; suffocated to death by Chucky.
  • Norton aka Needlenose - Deputy who often keeps an eye on Jesse and Jade; Chucky blows him up in a car.
  • Detective Preston - Detective on the search for Jade and Jesse; eaten by the Seed of Chucky.
  • Russ and Diane - Annoying couple who share the honeymoon room next to Jesse and Jade and steal their wallet; stabbed to death by falling mirror pieces.
  • Bailey - Deputy who gives Tiffany the remains of Chucky; throat sliced by Tiffany.

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The Plot: 

This is definitely the best of the "Chucky" films and one of my favorites. People crushed by trucks on freeways, nails flung at peoples faces, yanked lip piercings, ceiling-mirror deaths, this one has got it all. It even has a sweet romance along the way, so you can bring a girl along for the ride. This sequel has a little more camp than the other two and provides more murder scenes and good jokes/one-liners along the way. After being chopped up in a fan after the third movie, Chucky's pieces are now in an Evidence Depository, along with many other horror icons. His girlfriend Tiffany, who's still madly in love with Chucky after ten years, gets a hold of his pieces and brings Chucky back together, looking meaner than ever. Tiffany gets pissed at Chucky since he stole the special ring he gave to her and locks him up, which makes Chucky so angry that he kills her and revamps her with the voodoo "Damballa" spell he uses in the other movies and brings her back into a lovely wedding doll. In order for the two to come back to human form, they have to get an amulet that Chucky had with him when he passed away, so the two head out to New Jersey at Chucky's grave, on a ride with an young eloping couple, Jesse and Jade, who are on the run from the mean Chief Kincaid, as the two dolls have a blast killing anyone in sight, smoking hash, having sex, and fighting, while the young couple are being framed for all the mess the dolls are making and when they finally realize the dolls are actually alive, have to find a way to stop them. Throughout, they often have plenty of references to your favorite horror movie villains and the wild doll sex scene certainly is a riot. The best scene though has to be when David is crushed head-on by a truck, which is a huge surprise that'll have you laughing in guilty pleasure. Jennifer Tilly does a great job spending her time on camera showing off her cleavage and lending her voice to Tiffany, as does Brad Dourif, who always sounds great as Chucky, and John Ritter is perfectly annoying as Kincaid, the guy you love to hate. If you haven't seen this yet, stop reading this review, haul ass to your video store and grab a copy of it. Its an awesome movie and any horror fan shouldn't miss out on it. Now, I can't wait to see how "Seed of Chucky" will turn out to be.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • In horror films, any gay character involved has to get the worst death possible.
  • All those Marilyn Manson wannabes are all nerds behind all the make-up and piercings.
  • Martha Stewart has a big reflection on trailer trash.
  • Watching dolls french kissing isn't a pretty sight.
  • Dolls can have sex.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 1 min - The items in the depositories look any familiar to you?
  • 3 mins - Jennifer Tilly in leather, purr.
  • 10 mins - Tilly's funny "Damballa" chant.
  • 17 mins - OUCH, lip piercing torn off.
  • 34 mins - Barbie, eat your heart out!
  • 41 mins - Guess John Ritter and Pinhead had a bit in common.
  • 44 mins - Chucky and Tiff are getting high!
  • 54 mins - You mean he's not dead? This calls for a good ol' fashion stabbing.
  • 58 mins - Great champagne to the mirror-ceiling death.
  • 61 mins - Doll sex, anyone?
  • 62 mins - Funny cameo by Kathy Najimy.
  • 66 mins - OUCH, David crushed head-on with a truck.
  • 83 mins - Alright, quit fiddlin' around with Tiff, we know she's not dead.
  • 84 mins - Cool, the "Seed of Chucky."


  • Tiffany: "You know, Damien, there's something I never told you about Chucky."
    Damien: "Don't tell me Schmucky is one of those dolls who wets his pants."
  • Tiffany: "God was he an incredible lover. He was the best I ever had."
    Damien: "Come on baby. He ain't big enough to care of a woman like you."
    Chucky: "It ain't the size that counts, asshole. It's what you do with it."
  • Chief Kincaid.: "I'm the chief of police, sport. I can do whatever I want. So if for example, I was to run a blood test on you tonight and the results made you look like Christian Slater on New Year's Eve, you think anyone would question me?"
  • Tiffany: "I wouldn't marry you if you had the body of G.I. Joe!"
  • Chucky: "I give them six months, three if she gains weight." (About Jesse and Jade eloping).
  • Tiffany: "Let's go."
    Chucky: "Sure. I'll steer and you can work the pedals. We're dolls, you dope!"
  • Tiffany: "Barbie, eat your heart out." (After her punk doll makeover).
  • Tiffany: "Oh my god, I'm crying. I don't know if all the plumbing works."
    Chucky: "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel like pinocchio here."
  • Tiffany: "Have you got a rubber?"
    Chucky: "Have I got a rubber? Tiff! Look at me. I'm all rubber."
    Tiffany: "I thought you were plastic?"
  • Jesse: "S-so how'd you end up like this?"
    Chucky: "Well, Its a long story."
    Tiffany: "It sure is."
    Chucky: "In fact, if it was a movie, it'd take three or four sequels just to do it justice."
  • Chucky: "What would Martha Stewart say!?"
    Tiffany: "F*ck Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart can kiss my plastic shiny butt! Here I am slaving away over a hot stove, making cookies, swedish meatballs, and for what? For a man who doesn't appreciate me! For a man who can't even wash one f*cking dish! For a man who isn't even a man at all where it counts, if you get my drift. Take it from me, honey. Plastic is no substitute for a nice hunk of wood."
  • Chucky: "I didn't hear you complaining last night. Any guy would need a hunk of plastic, probably battery-operated, to get a reaction out of you in bed. And by the way, where the HELL did you learn to bake?"
  • Chucky: "Go ahead and shoot. I'll be back. I always come back! Yeah, but dying is such a bitch."

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