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Not Rated
Copyright 1991 Toho Company Ltd.
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Godzilla - Talk about mood swings, one moment he is defending Japanese troops from certain death, the next he is leveling Tokyo.
  • King Ghidorah - Created by exposing "Ghorats" to radiation, the golden monster is controlled by time travelers. Loses a head to Godzilla's breath weapon and falls into the ocean.
  • Mech-King Ghidorah - Emi builds this cybernetic monster from Ghidorah's nearly lifeless body. Ever try aiming something with three wildly erratic heads? Destroyed by Godzilla's breath weapon and then it falls into the ocean.
  • Terasawa - Writer who first develops the idea that Godzilla is a dinosaur exposed to radiation.
  • Emi - Girl from the future, she does not want to see Japan destroyed.
  • Miki Saegusa - Researcher at the ESP Institute who uses her powers to track Godzilla.
  • M-11 - Android from the future, not only is he amazingly fast, the modern tin man can repair anything.
  • Professor Fujio - Dinosaur expert who teaches in a high school.
  • Mr. Shindo - Leader of the Japanese troops on Ragos Island and quite a motivational speaker, but his command of tactics and war leaves much to be desired. Now a businessman and owner of the lucrative "Dinosaur World" franchise, vaporized by Godzilla.
  • Chuck Wilson - Corrupt leader of the time travelers, I am pretty sure that reading his lips would not be very difficult. (Watch the way he forms words.) Inside the flying saucer/time machine when Godzilla destroys it.

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The Plot: 

Giant monster films are usually fuddled enough without throwing time travel into the fray, but here is blending of the two from our friends at Toho. Despite having limited natural resources it turns out that Japan dominates the future, they have even purchased Africa and South America. (Thereby cornering the market for continents shaped like obtuse triangles or something.) Chuck Wilson and his band of rebels steal a flying saucer/time machine craft and return to change the course of history. They drop in on present day Japan (Where present day equals the early 90's.) and gather some facts before pinpointing the dinosaur which will become Godzilla. The creature is teleported away from the nuclear test area and cute Ghorats left in it's place, creating a monster they can use to destroy Japan. Hopefully I have not lost you yet, because a nuclear submarine accident exposes Godzillasaurus to radiation and the King of the Monsters is still created, though larger and more aggressive. Emi is not very happy with events and tries to help her ancestors, only to be captured by M-11. So what does she do? Well the intrepid young lady reprograms the android to be on her side. (So much for administrator passwords and encryption technology.) Around the same time that King Ghidorah is sinking beneath the waves she uses a shuttle to teleport the main time traveling craft in front of Godzilla, he obliges by obliterating the ugly thing. Unfortunately he is pretty much set on obliterating everything, so Emi returns to the future with hopes of rebuilding Ghidorah and saving Japan. A probable side effect of this colossal project is that NAPA becomes a world power, but perhaps that is just my imagination running wild after ninety minutes of rubber monsters and time travel.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Kaiju never rot.
  • During World War II one of the U.S. amphibious landings failed due to a dinosaur attacking the troops.
  • Aliens hate helicopters.
  • Important people are forced to ride in the back of tactical military trucks.
  • When traveling back in time to 1944, do not choose a landing point under naval bombardment.
  • Japan has a secret nuclear submarine armed with ballistic missiles.
  • Androids are immune to the laws of inertia.
  • Never kick a robot unless you have on steel toe boots.
  • Godzilla is full of soap suds.
  • Always wear your seat belt, even when piloting a cybernetic monster capable of leveling cities.
  • If you are forced to carry Godzilla anywhere make sure that the dangerous side is facing out. (This would be any direction he can point his mouth and fire nuclear beams.)

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 2 mins - Probably just swamp gas.
  • 8 mins - Why does it look the same in every satellite photo?
  • 10 mins - Okay, the helicopter exploded, but "Eagle One" is still talking.
  • 17 mins - Now where did you get that idea? They've only been talking about future events for the last few minutes. Idiot.
  • 32 mins - The Americans were nice enough to stop shelling the island so we could hear his speech.
  • 38 mins - First Question: Why did the Japanese not defend the beaches rather than letting the Americans land unopposed? Second Question: Where are all the landing craft that should be on the beach?
  • 59 mins - Did that truck have a ramp on the side?
  • 88 mins - Not the sort of thing I would want to look out the window and see. This is going to hurt...

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note kingghidorah1.wav Terasawa: "It's amazing, we really traveled in time."
Fujio: "But look where it got us, we're right in the middle of World War II in the South Pacific."
Green Music Note kingghidorah2.wav American: "Take that, you dinosaur!"
Green Music Note kingghidorah3.wav King Ghidorah screaming.
Green Music Note kingghidorah4.wav Wilson: "This new Godzilla is unfriendly and he's going to destroy your country, there's nothing you can do about it!"
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipkingghidorah1.mpg - 3.2m
Emi has returned from the future with her supercharged Mecha-King Ghidorah. The only thing she didn't have upgraded is the targeting system, which is rather silly. How do you miss something that stands a hundred meters tall?

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