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Copyright 1972 Shock Films
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 3 January 2000

The Characters:  

  • Abe Gentry - Private investigator and complete dickhead.
  • Nancy - Female reporter who changes careers to become a stripper (long story), immediately falls in lust with Gentry.
  • Mr. Mabely - Henry Youngman! Owner of every strip club in town. Sounds like a stressful and unrewarding job doesn't it?
  • Anderson - Clueless police detective with all of the information, but none of the answers.
  • Grunt - Really disturbed fellow that draws faces on vegetables and fruits, then smashes them with his bare hands.
  • Barney - Bartender with a bad runny nose, just who you want hovering over your drink.
  • Mary - Leader of the local women's liberation army.
  • Marlene - Strip club waitress (as in she works at all of them) and the resident serial killer. Has her brain housing group ground into the asphalt by a car tire.
  • The Dead Strippers Society - Numerous entertainers murdered in a variety of ways.

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The Plot: 

Say what you will about this low budget gore show, but one thing is very clear: Herschell Gordon Lewis had some issues. These days we hardly bat an eye at someone working over another human being with a meat cleaver. Heck, you'd be surprised and possibly disappointed in a slasher film without impressive amounts of blood dripping from the celluloid. Back then it was novel, the man was a pioneer and a visionary.

I don't think he was breast fed enough.

As the title vaguely suggests this is a film about female entertainers being killed. A local paper hopes to make big headlines by hiring Mr. Gentry to solve the bloody crimes and assigns a female reporter to cover his methodology. This is why we are inflicted with an annoying and pompous "hero" character, who gets away with it by being the best private investigator available. Don't go around strip clubs acting like he does, you'll get beat up.

The murders are usually committed with a slicing knife cut to the throat, after which the rapidly expiring girl is subjected to something outrageous like boiling oil or a hot iron. Of course there is blood, great red rivers of it along with what appears to be tomato paste. The scene with the meat tenderizer is a good example of this. To be charitable the girl did have a line of stage blood laid across her throat by the knife before the mallet went to work. It's the fact that seeing a woman's bare bottom (covered in tomato paste) being smacked with a meat tenderizer just before she dies is funny as all get out.

Women just do not dance like the girls in this film anymore and thank goodness for that. Okay, so trying to wiggle seductively to either beach party tunes or classic music (read: public domain) is probably a bitch to say the least. Nothing like watching some girl shake her booty to "The Anvil Chorus" by Verdi, let me tell you. One of the other problems is pasties, I loathe the things and they are evident in force through this film. They're at least interesting when proficiency at twirling (if tasseled) is exhibited, but watching them being thrashed around at random, like some feline play toy, really annoys me.

At long last the killer is revealed then dispatched by the screenwriter with much haste. To make matters worse, the killer comes entirely out of left field in my opinion. It is all well and fine to be proud of tricking the audience for whatever reason, but we are only privy to information the plot provides us. Watching our smug main character explain how he solved the case (just like Sherlock Holmes) only aggravates the situation.

The film shows its low budget origins many times, almost sticking them into your face and bouncing your head between them like... ...something I can't quite pin my finger on right now. In fact, during a scene in which the killer absolutely mangles a girl's face what suspiciously looks like half a walnut appears in the mess. Easily chalked up to being part of the skull I guess. What also jumps to mind is when the police remove bloody sheets from a bed and the mattress had a plastic drop cloth underneath. Either that young lady was losing control of her bladder way earlier than normal or ruining a perfectly good used mattress was out of the question.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Grisly crime scene photographs are included in newspaper stories about a murder.
  • Strip clubs give dancers full access to the cash drawer.
  • Headlights work poorly in day for night shots.
  • The best way to revive an unconscious woman is by pouring 7UP on her.
  • Being smacked on the ass with a meat tenderizer will kill you.
  • Women should be ironed on low heat or else they might scorch.
  • A woman's left nipple is full of white milk, while the right nipple is full of chocolate milk. This does not depend on the woman's childbearing status.
  • Bouncers are helpless against a weakly swung cane.
  • Poland is the leading exporter of acid.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 6 mins - I bet that he could take off his vest and blend into that ugly couch just like a chameleon.
  • 11 mins - At what point did she change her panties?
  • 13 mins - They must have driven all night...
  • 18 mins - Thank goodness she left that plastic drop cloth on her mattress, it would have been ruined by all the blood.
  • 40 mins - What is she going to do with that cucumber?
  • 50 mins - If someone was trying to stick my face in a boiling pot of cooking oil I'd do a better job of struggling.
  • 74 mins - Was that chest hair? (It wasn't.) She jumped out the window! A car ran over her head!

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note goregore1.wav Gentry: "And your newspaper gets exclusive rights to the mystifying story of how the remarkable Abraham Gentry cracks another case."
Nancy: "You took the words right out of my mouth."
Green Music Note goregore2.wav Gentry: "I was thinking of putting you to bed...and giving an adequate dose of sleeping pills to get rid of you for a few days."
Green Music Note goregore3.wav Anderson: "Ah, face mutilated with a meat tenderizer, throat slit, and this one had her ass beat in."
Green Music Note goregore4.wav Gentry: "Get those women on stage, give them some money, and let their egos do the rest."
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipgoregore1.mpg - 2.9m
Death by meat tenderizer to the buttocks! Obviously there is some vital organ located in a woman's ass. The other possibility is that she was allergic to tomatoes, but we will never know for certain.

It's just a silly scene.

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